Apr 19, 2014

[UPDATE] Online Resources

Quora People give you the best answer to your question.
知乎 Similar to Quora. It's in chinese.

HabitRPG. It's like a productivity games. Habits, dailies and to-do lists. Complete the tasks and you can level up.
Goalmigo. Free. Set. Track. Share. Join. Achieve.
Chains.You have 1 chains with 1 days.
Joe's Goals. Free.

A cute kitten after writing. Alternative: bunny, puppy, pony
This is the text I wrote real fast using the website. LOL.
I have been wasting my time browsing through the net. I found this interesting website accidentally and it was fun. If anyone of you have a writing work, this website is for you. People who love reward will found this very interesting. You will get a fresh kitten every 100 words (can be set by yourself). I have been trying this website and it is very exciting. I have been typing as fast as I can to get to 100 words to see a fresh kitten. This post is produced when I was first trying out this website to get a kitten. =)
Hell Tetris. This tetris is driving me crazy.
Very Cute Games. ^w^

LingQ. Learning languages, simply. Note: I love this.
VOA. Learning English,

Mar 23, 2014

I am an INFP

I took two personality tests and found out I am an INFP. The personality type describe me perfectly. It is quite creepy, really. According to 16personalities.com, I am extremely creative, innovative, and goal-oriented.

As much as I liked my strengths, I dislike my weaknesses equally. I have known my own weaknesses long before I took the test. I kept on thinking whether there is something wrong with me. Then, the result from the test make sense. I decided to change my weaknesses slowly to meet my own needs. These weaknesses admittedly caused enough trouble in my life. I have had enough of that.

Too altruistic. I will care about myself more.
Dislike dealing with data. I will try to like data.
Difficult to get to know. I won't change this, though. Life taught me to trust no one.
Take many things personally.  I will deal with matters on its merits. Be more rational.
May be too idealistic. I will be more down-to-earth.
Impractical. I will be more practical.

I am going to revise a way to improve myself. Update later.

Feb 7, 2014

If You are Feeling Down and Depressed

Whoever you are, you might need this www.givesmehope.com

Hope this website will cheer you up as it did for me.
Life is beautiful.
More sites for when you are sad.
You can play some cute games.
Thought room for thought.
If you need some compliment.

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