Sep 11, 2008

Aim for Straight A's

Right now, my have been cracking my brain to memorize all the so-called important facts about the subjects i studied. I do these all for the sake of the human-killing examination. * Sigh* I wondered when this things will end. And i am demanding for another 100 terabytes memory to store in a whole load of facts of 12 different subjects!!!!!!

I am a science student. It is a shame if i didn't get straight As after spending 12 years of study since kinder garden. Straight As is the future-determine and most important things in a science student's life. Whether you want to be a doctor or an engineer is all depend on the results. I will jump from the third floor of my school building if failed to achieve my dream!!!!!! AaaRRrr...... You know how hardworking i am? I have sacrificed my time on television and even my beloved manga. It is impossible for me to fail to get straight As!! I meant it!! Plus, I always believe i am the so-called 'genius'......LOL. * Believes make dreams come true* Ha Ha Ha......

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