Jul 19, 2011

王嘉韻 Renee-Yun Doll-Like Internet Celebrity

While I was online, I found out about this beautiful girl. Many people discussed about her. I know this news is a little bit old. It came out early this year, I guess. People said she look a lot like a doll while some people said those pictures were ps-ed. Anyway, she is beautiful. She is come from Hong Kong. She is 18 years old, 168cm and 42kg. It’s stated in her profile in weibo
 Her eyes are two times bigger than mine. O.o

 She is beautiful.
 And cute too.

 She does look like a doll, isn't she?

Attention: I do not own these photos!!!

1 comment:

meari guresu said...

very beautiful and healthy! at least she looks more human than KOKO

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