Jul 21, 2011

Hyoyeon's (snsd) Hairstyle

As I said, I like Hyoyeon from SNSD. I manage to find her pictures with different pretty hairstyles.I know many people said they should fire her hair designer because the hair designer always gave Hyoyeon bad hairstyles. But all the pictures I found below are Hyoyeon with pretty hairstyles. They should have maintain her hairstyle in these ways. I just Hyoyeon's hair in the first pic, so gorgeous.
So Pretty.
Beautiful smile.

Bright smile^^
Run Devil Run.
 This is her before picture. Doesn't change much, right?
 Wow, I really like her in this pic. So awesome and totally gorgeous.
 Straight hair^^
 Hyoyeon before pictures. She is still the same^^

This style suits Hyoyeon very much XD

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