Jan 28, 2009

Blood thirsty

Today, I read a book all about vampire story. Each of the legend regarding the vampire is so different, I am confused. I noticed there is a different between a traditional vampire and a modern vampire.
For traditional vampire, they are not very good looking nor very charming. For example, the Dracula story, Dracula’s hand is very hairy and its (I use ‘its’ because Dracula in the story was not very human like compare to modern vampire) finger nails are long. The proof is the way the actors portray them in old movie.
For modern vampire, they are so0o0ooo charming and very noble like (Due to the influence of Vampire Knight manga). Even though I am not a very fan of Vampire Knight, I cannot resist the thinking that the beauty of vampires in the manga are indeed very breathe taking. Further more, there are even classes between vampires. Those noble and pure blood vampires are, I can’t deny it, cool. Anyway, it is a pity that they are not the same species like us human.
I have been thinking whether vampire is just a creative creation of human for writing pleasure or they are real. It is just like try to prove the fact that there are curses in the pyramid where pharaoh buried.

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