Feb 13, 2009

Making Money

I am practically in financial crisis, a little less than bankruptcy. I am desperate for money. I have been do some research online on how to earn money from home. It is not that I am greedy or something, it is just I need some extra money to spend on other thing. For example, books. I need to read, everyone too. The problem is, a book usually cost me about 30 to 40 bucks. It enough for me to buy a few days' meal.
I came across this on web: "Jason Tan's Char Kuey Teow Secrets". Some people say it is a scam. Anyway, I don't buy it though. 90 bucks for a ebook? Noway, I prefer books. I t is more realistic and cheaper. Ebook will disappear if my computer break down one day. It is my money that will fly away.
I wonder what can I do to earn extra money online.............

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