Apr 13, 2009

Learn Driving

In order to learn to drive the car, I have to buy a new pair of shoes for myself. I cannot use sandals to learn driving or I will get kicked out during the examination. How strict……….

I search for a long time to buy a pair of shoes that meet my taste. My mum getting bored of accompanied me rooming around several supermarkets. I think the workers at those supermarkets also tired of me who just walking around and simply walk out without buying anything. I am fastidious. I want shoes that is durable, lasting and it need to be beautiful.

Finally, I buy a XXX branded shoes. It is not a very famous brand but who cares. This is exactly the type of shoes I want. Actually it is badminton shoes, color of white, black and a little bit of scarlet. Looks okay, though. Not bad. It costs me around 39.90. They sew up the front and the back of the shoes. Very durable, indeed. I don’t know whether they really sew it up or not, but I rather believe they REALLY sew it up. Last time, I brought a pair of shoes, xxx branded(I forgot), 30 plus, and I only wear it a few time before the front of the shoes started to open its mouths, review my holed socks. This really pissed me of. Hey, I am no rich man. Mind you.

It is a very exhausting shopping, just to buy a pair of shoes…………….


Lesley said...

I so agree... shopping for shoes is really exhausting. Especially as my feet are both different sizes! I try on dozens of pairs and end up going home with none! :O)

E.June said...

I have spend quite a good few weekends just to buy a suitable shoes........ :-P

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