Oct 8, 2010


Just hanging around with friend now. We walk to a place not far from our college and have a supper there. It's really nice and it's open air. Not to mention there is a LCD displaying a movie. Unfortunately the movie is not my cup of tea T.T
I ordered an Ice Apple Juice, cost me 1.50 bucks. Not bad, freshly made apple juice. My friend ordered a burger with eggs. Cheap and tasty. Yummy!~~~XD I didn't order any food because i am still full at that time, i don't want to get a stomachache. I still can go there at other time.=)
We talk for about an hour about the activities we are going to do tomorrow. Quite a happy chat anyway. Then, we walk back. On the way, we met some annoying brats. Really stupid the way they act. ==''*PISSED*
The night is warm. But we need to watch our steps on the way back or you will kick a stone and your feet will be in pain. They really should put more effort in improving the road condition==''
Sign, tonight got loads of assignments need to do and the due date is near. What a busy life.....

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