Jun 2, 2011

Earn Money from internet?

Once upon a time, I am crazy about making money online. I spend days just to look for reliable information. But, all the information is confusing and scattered. Everyone said different things.

First, I found out about Cashcrate. It’s a website for you to earn cash by taking survey and other stuffs. As usual, I look for comment from other people about the reliability of the website. Nowadays, it’s hard to believe anything on the internet. Guess my dad successful in planting the idea inside my head. In the end, I decided to try out myself but I lost my interest almost instantly. Not really my ideal way of earn some extra cash. Even though some people did receive the check (Don’t know whether it’s true or not).

You must think I am materialistic. No, no, I am just being realistic. I really want to help my family in term of financial. Not to mention, I have lots of siblings. I want to work part time but I am not a smart student. I need time to study so that I can maintain a good grade. I don’t want to disappoint my parents. It’s really hard to ask for money from mum and dad. Well, you know, my heart just feel uncomfortable and kind of pain. It’s true.

Afterward, I found out more about earn small cash by taking survey. But, I also found out that most of the surveys are not available in my country. What a waste. Finally, I decided earn money in this way is not my cup of tea and I just let go of the idea. The reason is that I don’t like to spend time which in turn I gain nothing except money. I want something that I can learn something and the reward will be money. I like to earn from my own work.

Later, I found out that blogging also can earn money. Of course, hard work and some luck are required for you to earn big, plus some patience, too. I like this idea, anyway. First, I can write whatever I like and can manage my blog freely. Yeah, I know, this take time too. But, I don’t believe there’s easy money. No money will fall from the sky just because you wish for it.

Then, I learn about adsense, nuffnang, and others. I have read stories about how other people earn big from these kind of stuff, especially adsense. But, I have no idea about how they did it in the first place. I also read about blogger who earn six figures from their blog. Is it really true? I am skeptical about it. Well, actually, I am skeptical about anything.

In the end, after I have weigh the pros and cons. I decided to try it out by myself. You will never know if you don’t try.

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