Jun 21, 2011

Universe is so big, so why we still worry over some pea-sized problems?

“I don’t have enough money.” No problem, the Earth still rotating around the Sun.

“I want everybody to like me.” That won’t change anything, the Sun and the Moon will continues to appear in the sky. They won’t fall down or disappear.

“I couldn’t find a job.” But the stars still twinkling every night and the sky won’t fall down on you.

We know that the Universe is too big when compared to our problems. Yeah, it’s a big problem on the Earth. BUT it’s nothing when compared to Universe. We often got so worried that we have amnesia during night time. Some of us even want to escape to the other world. Don’t be so pessimistic. Life goes on. Why torture ourselves? We need to love ourselves more. Nobody can love us more other than ourselves.

Remember this, your problems and escape-from-reality attitude will never change the Universe or the Earth or the fact. The life cycle continues. No matter whom you are trying to stop it. Besides, there are too many problems for us to worry. We cannot see an end to it.

If you still worry about your problems, try to learn something new. It will make you feel better. Whenever I felt worried for no reason, I often learn some new vocabularies for languages like Japanese and Korean. Of course I also learn them during my free time. My mood lightens up a bit every times. However, if you know what your problems are and know how to solve it, then you should solve it immediately. If not, you’ll felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

There are always having problems which we can’t solve. Then, just let it be. What’s going to happen will always happen. We have to accept it when it comes. We learn the lesson and prevent it from happening in the future. We can improve ourselves and make a better preparation. Life is too short for us to worry. We must live our live to the fullest and always be happy.

P/S: I write about this topic for me and those who need it. REMEMBER TO LOVE YOURSELF MORE.=)

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buat ke cari 2..
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