Jan 31, 2012

Lucky Star

Konata is an otaku while Kagami is a realist. Konata filled her room with a bunch of anime figurine, posters and manga. She plays MMORPG too. Konata always borrowed homework from Kagami and pulling all nighters during exam and did surprisingly well each time, much to the annoyance of Kagami*Laugh*. The funny moment always occur when Konata is having fun by teasing Kagami. Tsukasa and Kagami are twin but their personalities are completely different. Kagami does pretty well in exam, always finish schoolwork in time, never procrastinate, a tsundere*claims by Konata*, bad in cooking, eat much*Konata's favorite teasing phase* and a little bit inclination towards fujoshi? while Tsukasa is soft, less aggressive, sleep much, like to procrastinate, cooks well, does not scores well in exam, depend on her older sister Kagami. Meanwhile, Miyuki is a know-it-all and a soft girl with glass. Konata is always called her a moe factor.
This anime focus much on the daily life of japanese high school students. Some will call this boring. But i found this anime quite suitable for pleasure watching, without pressure.

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