Apr 19, 2014

[UPDATE] Online Resources

Quora People give you the best answer to your question.
知乎 Similar to Quora. It's in chinese.

HabitRPG. It's like a productivity games. Habits, dailies and to-do lists. Complete the tasks and you can level up.
Goalmigo. Free. Set. Track. Share. Join. Achieve.
Chains.You have 1 chains with 1 days.
Joe's Goals. Free.

A cute kitten after writing. Alternative: bunny, puppy, pony
This is the text I wrote real fast using the website. LOL.
I have been wasting my time browsing through the net. I found this interesting website accidentally and it was fun. If anyone of you have a writing work, this website is for you. People who love reward will found this very interesting. You will get a fresh kitten every 100 words (can be set by yourself). I have been trying this website and it is very exciting. I have been typing as fast as I can to get to 100 words to see a fresh kitten. This post is produced when I was first trying out this website to get a kitten. =)
Hell Tetris. This tetris is driving me crazy.
Very Cute Games. ^w^

LingQ. Learning languages, simply. Note: I love this.
VOA. Learning English,

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