Dec 31, 2008

How to treat BAD people

Someone told about the correct way to treat BAD people. I just remembered a few of the ways, so i post them on my blog.

1. Treat them nicely and warmly because it is because of them that you grow up mentally.
2. Don't hate them because they are not worth to.
3. Don't mess with them because revenge will create your enemy, who knows one day they appeared to be your boss.
4. Pity them because they don't know how to respect people.
5. Love them because GOD want us to.
6. Don't stay too close to them to avoid being hurt further.
7. If you cannot do like the ways suggested above, just don't 'create' BAD people around you in the first place.

So, do you think these will work?


Lamoine said...

Wow! That's really good! I should start using that!

worldbigheart said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with every one

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