Dec 31, 2008

Save Money

I have been working out a way to save as much money as possible. The following are ways i figured out:

1. I will throw all the electric-based that consume large electricity things.(or sell them better)
2. Use bike or bas when going some where.
3. Reduce the use of TV(as i love watching movie;well, i can't sell my TV)
4. I will go to library and hypermarket( because there have free air conditioner and fans;remember to empty your pocket when going there)
5. Close the main switch of electric current ( assumed that there is a electric breakdown;open when you really need it)
6. Try to live a life like our great-great-great-great-grandparents(no electricity, just use candle when night come) for a few day in a month.
7. Read the books ( make use of your free time so you don't have free time to go shopping and waste your money)or do some gardening (this can also help you and the world)

That's all. Have a nice try!!!! ~0~

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