Jan 2, 2009

Burn the Midnight Oil

Sometimes, my parents get angry when I sleep early in the morning. I think this is one of the habits I developed after the exam. Since I love to study in the last minutes, as I am so lazy, I forced to study it until past midnight when the exam is just around the corner. I always regret it, but it seems I never learnt the lesson, because I still can get a flying colour in some subjects. ( Not for others subjects, though)

Right now I am enjoying my holy day. I buy some DVDs and watch TV. Well, you can't blame me, some of the TV programmes are in the midnight. How I wish I can have a TV in my bedroom and avoid being shouted by my parents. I know they care for me. But what harm does watching a TV sometimes in the midnight. Many people do that right?

Do anyone of you know how cure this burn-the-midnight-oil-diseases?

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