Jan 2, 2009

Poor Brother -.-

This year, my brother have to follow some tuition for his future's sake. Me and him always joked that maybe he is stupid than me and that's why he need to have those 'horrible' tuition. I also went to tuition but not as much as he is. I don't have tuition this year since i already finished my secondary education and still wait for my result.

Actually, i think tuition help me a lot. I doubt i will score a flying colour without the help of my tuition teachers. I appreciate their help even though my parents money burnt away just like that. However, I can guarantee my parents I will pay them back handsomely in the future.

As for my brother, I tell him that he need to study hard or else...... I just hope he is not tired to death. Well, he is the one who choose it......Ha! Ha! Ha!....;)

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