Apr 27, 2009


I don’t know whether the word ‘Anatomy’ is the right word to describe my ‘experience’ today. Here goes my story for today.

I wake up early. I brush my teeth and clean my face. In the sink, I saw a huge snail. I guess it’s sleeping because it hide its face, I mean its eyes, in its shell. I made up my mind.

After everything is done, I took some tools. I need them to hold on the Mr. Big Snail. I don’t think I want to touch the snail with my bare hand. I feel goose lumps if I did it. Any way, I carried it to the backyard. Then, SMACK!! I crush its hard shell. I had to try a few times before its shell cracks a line. I use small hammer, mind you. I crush its shell slowly and remove it. I wondered the snail died or not because it’s not moving. I don’t see any ‘blood’. So, I assumed that it’s just fainted.

I cut open its soft part on the back there. I saw something pale yellow, white, dark red and many things else. The thing I hate most is the slimy liquid the snail has. I have to admit that it’s a bit revolting that part. Other wise, everything is just fine.

I made a ‘grave’ for the snail after I have investigated enough to know more about snail’s abdomen. I have always been wondered what is the inside of a snail. Now, I knew it.

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