Nov 25, 2009


K is a friend of A. One day K and A got grouped with P. Nobody likes P. P has a pretty low EQ and always express emotion on face. P is also a spoilsport. When ever everyone discusses something happily, P showed sour face as if P just ate lemon. So, K and A just ignored the fact that P is not a good partner and try to cooperate with P. K learned the rules that just do their assignment nicely and perfectly, do not get affected by other people’s emotion and attitude. The marks will depend on themselves.
P is self-centered. P never cares for other people’s feeling and always hurt someone’s pride. Once, P said, during a confession lesson, that people from before always ignored P. People don’t want to befriend with P. P will always get mad without reason. K and A knows the reason why people don’t want to befriend with P. P need to change. P needs to be more understand others. But P never changes. P never tries to think carefully why people keep away from P. P always act cool. P talks so slowly and thinks so long for the next sentence. People get pissed off by P’s attitude. Unfortunately for those people, P is ‘accidentally’ being selected to become a leader, a leader without any charisma and authority. P is such a failure. P can’t give a clear and perfect instruction. People around P always get confused. This causes works cannot be done perfectly. So, the work failed completely.

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