Dec 4, 2009


K and J share everything. However, J and K are different. They think and act differently. K will protect J. When ever people hurt J, K will act instantly to protect J. It was J who always comes out in public, while K is hidden. K never shows out K’s face. In fact, nobody ever heard or knew K. K is dangerous.
It was K who gave J courage and support to keep on moving. When there is nobody understands J and help J, K is the only one that devote and willing to give everything to keep J perfect and whole. J needs help very much. J will become broken easily.
The only thing that can identify them apart is their eyes. K’s eyes are the eyes of the conqueror. Nobody can stop K. K is specialize in manipulating, influencing and controlling. Everything is under K’s control and expectation. K is part of demon. People fell for the traps of demon.

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