Sep 27, 2010

=="Useless brats

There are some KIND of people who really gets on my nerve. It just like some son of biatch. They maybe not the worst kind of human i have ever met, but, trust me, they deserve to go to hell. I have been very patient towards them. My patient already reach its limit. I am really going to explode at any time now. They are worst, alright, to make the matter worse, they can't even do a simple tiny thing right. All they did is making the matter worsen. I don't know what did they learn for the last 12 years in school. They are such a poor upbringing. Pity their parents for having such a trash as a child. Well, i am 'SORRY'*sarcastic* for using harsh words towards you, but i don't think anyone will want me to yell at their faces with some disgusting saliva flying. Don't worry, i'll pray for you. I'll pray that a flower pot falling from sky and hit you head. I'll also pray that your bike lost control at the speed of 110. I am evil.

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