Sep 25, 2010

>.< so many assignments, test, quizzes and report~

I think i am going to go crazy. There are so many things to do in a short time. The problem is the report. Well, i don't have any problem in writing a report. But the problem is that the report is suppose to be a group work. And i am the one who is doing all the report work! They are doing their job but all they give me is a piece of shyte. I didn't meant to be rude but their attitude start to getting on my nerve. They are not serious when completing the assignment and didn't even follow the format of writing a report. When i saw their work (they are suppose to hand it to me), all i can think is "WTH". I did told them what i felt about this report and their attitude. But i don't think they are making any effort to improve their lazy-a*s-attitude. I am sick of it. But, well, think positively, i gain more than them anyway.

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