Sep 19, 2010

I am back here again =.=''

Honestly, if it weren't because i need to continue my study, i won't have come here in the first place. I don't like this place at all. To tell the truth, i am the type who really values family and i just love my home. If i am given the chance, i would want to stay at home forever. But, in reality i can't do that. I'll have my responsibility and need to get a job. I will still need to stay at outside when i got a job. impossible i'll still have to stay at home even when i have my job. I really hate it especially when i can't go back during some important day. For example, chinese new year. The flight is so expensive that my family can't afford it. And i'll have to stay at hostel all alone. It's annoying to have those feeling of being left alone, i just hate it. It's feel like you are being abandoned and so pity. I really wish i was come from a damn rich family. In this way, i don't need to worry about the money. I have been very sensitive to money issue. Wondering why this world is so unfair.

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