Jun 3, 2011

Soo Young^^

This is Soo Young from SNSD (Girls’ Generation). She is one of the three girls I noticed in their first mv Gee. Other two is Hyo Hyeon and Jessica. These three of them is easier for me to distinguish. For the first few times, I couldn’t distinguish who is who except those three. I always thought they look similar. It took me a long time to know each of them by their names.

Soo Young is getting beautiful. I mean, she is gorgeous in the Mr Taxi MV. Of course all of them are gorgeous. I always want to talk about her. In my opinion, she is not really Korean-like, I mean she doesn’t look like a typical Korean. At first, I thought she looks like asian. (Well, she is asian, at least I hope you get what I mean) But I think she is beautiful, anyway.

I have been listening to Mr Taxi for a million times and I am not getting bored. I really liked the “slower” part where Yuri, Sunny, Soo Young, Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon sing. It’s really nice.

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