Jun 7, 2011

Why some people don’t like to use Facebook?

I have known some people who don’t like to use Facebook. They said they don’t like to have their own information to be exposed. Even though Facebook provide settings to keep your own privacy safe, but they still don’t like it. They told me, the security isn’t guaranteed. They worried about their information will still be inside the data base of Facebook even after they deleted their information. Beside, the security settings could not prevent Hackers from hacking into their Facebook profile. Since I not very good with technology, so I don’t want to comments on it. If anyone of you knows, can you tell me whether it’s true that our information will still at the data base of Facebook even if we already deleted them?

Other people give their reasons like don’t want to get addicted to Facebook games, don’t like some unknown people “be-friended” them and others. Well, I do have this problem. Especially when unknown people “be-friended” me, in fact, I don’t even know them! I am really annoyed about this when the unknown people “be-friended” me just to promote something. I also don’t like it when some people send me message to vote for something and some untruthful rumors spread really fast. Usually I’ll forgive you if I know you good enough. Sometimes, my wall appeared that I “liked” some applications but I didn’t even remember when I click on it.

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